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COSBELLE acquires Laboratoires Biocos

The brand LOVEA was sold to La Phocéenne de Cosmétiques

Laboratoires Biocos takes overs Home Institut Paris

Creation of HOME INSTITUT PARIS Cosmetics & Parfume at Nancy

Launch of the first organaic sun protection products BIO certified by ECOCERT. The brand LOVEA expands its presences in the large retails channels in France.

Creation of Laboratoires Serval at Castres. Launch of the sun protection products under the brand LOVEA.

Laboratoires Serval takes over Laboratoires Copar at Sarcelles. They are specialized in the natural cosmetic products and change their entity to be Laboratoires Biocos.

HOME INSTITUT PARIS settles down at Millery. The company specializes in the cosmetic products, especially hairs products distributed under its own brands (J’Epill, Les Karités, Look’N Relax) or under private brands of larges distributors.

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